China bamboo flooring


Bamboo Flooring


Bamboo flooring is a type of flooring manufactured from the bamboo plant, bamboo wood, a common wood planted mostly in China, has been used today as an alternative flooring, it is not wood, actually a kind of grass, but its physical similarities to true hardwoods. Most of China Bamboo flooring manufacturers and sellers promote its strength, durability, its eco-friendliness and its natural resistance to insects and moisture. Now The United States Green Building Council's LEED program allows points for the use of bamboo flooring by virtue of it being a rapidly renewable resource.



Bamboo Flooring Advantage:

(1) Plant easily. Bamboo can be harvested without the need to replant because the root system is left intact when it is harvested. 

(2) High Productivity. Bamboo is an eco-friendly, highly renewable source of material. As a grass, bamboo grows much faster than wood. 

(3) Maintenance same as hardwood flooring. Bamboo Flooring Maintenance Like most hardwood flooring, bamboo flooring should be treated carefully.

(4) Eco-friendly. Bamboo reaches maturity in five years which is the optimal age to harvest. In a sustainably harvested forest, only 20% of the forest is harvested annually, allowing for 100% harvest in a five-year period for bamboo. 



Bamboo Flooring Drawback:

(1) Result in deforestation. Bamboo flooring has led to deforestation, as existing trees are cut down to be replaced with bamboo plantations.

(2) Non-environmental. During the manufacturing of bamboo flooring, some manufacturers use urea-formaldehyde as the adhesive for bonding the bamboo strips. 



Product Detail of Bamboo Flooring:

Bamboo flooring type    Exotic/printed, Horizontal, Strand-woven, Vertical
Color choice    Black, Brown, Gray, Red, Tan, Yellow
Color shade    Dark, Light, Medium
Surface Treatment

   Double Smoked, Aged, Smooth, Handscraped, Distressed, Serratted, 

   Brushed, sawn marked, carbonized, chemical treated.

Joint Style    T&G with micro bevel, Click system



Size Available of Bamboo Flooring:

Type of floor Width Thickness Length Typical sizes 
(Width x Thickness)
Bamboo Flooring 3-1/2" to 7-1/2" 1/2" to 5/8" 36" to 72" 3 3/4" x 36"



Customized service of Bamboo Flooring:

HOMEWELL is a professional bamboo flooring China supplier, focus on bamboo flooring many years, if you have any problem on bamboo flooring, our engineer will do best to find solution for you. Size, suface treatment, finish, and other specification can be customized according to requirement, welcome OEM products.