wood air return vent



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wood air return vent



Wood Air Return Vent Introduction:


Typically, wood air return vent is located baseboard and near the floor, if locating a return vent up high, it would leave large volume cold air near the floor, as warm air rise up, the coldest air will be close to the floor, which would be undesireable to heat a room. Depending on room design, each room in a house may have a return vent, or they may be located at various points around the house. A heating and cooling specialist can make suggestions about the number of wood air return vent and their optimal placement.



Product Information of Wood Air Return Vent:


Size available                           8"×14",  8"×16",  8"×24",  8"×30",  8"×36"
Solid wood species

white oak, red oak, Brazilian cherry, maple, hickory, American cherry, 

santos mahogany, bamboo, American walnut, Brazilian walnut, and so on.

Finish available                                             Unfinish, prefinish



Customized service of Wood Air Return Vent:

HOMEWELL is a professional wood air return vent China supplier, focus on wood air return vent many years, if you have any problem on wood air return vent, our engineer will do best to find solution for you. Dimensions, wood species, finishes, and other specifications can be customized according to customer's requirement, welcome OEM production.