red oak cold air return vent


Red Oak Cold Air Return Vent:


cold air return vent


Red Oak Cold Air Return Vent Introduction:


Red oak is one of most important timber trees, has largest scope of plantation especially in the Northern Hemisphere, and is one of the fastest growing of the oaks. Red oak is very popular with US and EU market, with the characteristic of enough hardness, beautiful grain, cost effective compared with other wood species. In most cases, red oak are made into solid wood products, in this article we introduce our red oak cold air return vent.


(1) Red oak cold air return vent is used at baseboard and near the floor, applied to heating system or cold system in a room, to provide best ventilation solution for you. Depending on room design, each room in a house may have a red oak cold air return vent, or they may be located at various points around the house.


(2) Size available:

8"×14",  8"×16",  8"×24",  8"×30",  8"×36", other size can be customized according to our customer's requirement.


(3) Other wood species we can provide:

White oak, red oak, Brazilian cherry, maple, hickory, American cherry, santos mahogany, bamboo, 

American walnut, Brazilian walnut, IPE, tigerwood, cumaru, and so on.


(4) Unfinish, or any prefinish can be free choice for you.


The red oak cold air return vent can be made into different size and style, and other wood species you can choose, we can customize the vent according to detail request, if any query or design idea on air return vent, please contact us freely. Welcome OEM products.