floor vent



Floor Vent (flush mount)


floor vent



The features of Floor Vent (flush mount):


(1) The floor vent in above picture is flush mount type, sits flush with 3/4" hardwood floorings.

(2) Solid wood construction with flush mount structure, ideal to return air with removable filter pad.

(3) Vent damper, which move back and forth at the back of filter pad, is easy to control the airflow.

(4) Vent damper, which lay flat under the filter pad, can be removed easily for cleaning purposes.

(5) It is recommended the floor vent be installed along with the hardwood installation.

(6) High traffic area is not recommended for installation of the floor vent.

(7) unfinish or prefinish of a variety of wood species for your choice.



Available Size for Floor Vent:

2" × 10" 2" × 12" 2" × 14"
3" × 10" 3" × 12" 3" × 14"
4" × 10" 4" × 12" 4" × 14"
6" × 10" 6" × 12" 6" × 14"
8" × 10" 8" × 12" 8" × 14"

Thickness available: 1/2", 3/4", 5/8".



Available Solid Wood Species for Floor Vent:

white oak, red oak, maple, hickory, Brazilian cherry, American cherry, santos mahogany, bamboo, American walnut, Brazilian walnut, IPE, acacia (asian walnut), tigerwood, cumaru, Jatoba, and so on.



Vent Damper choice of Floor Vent:

Damper Box Slide Damper
 damper box  slide damper



Customized service for Floor Vent:

HOMEWELL is a professional floor vent China supplier, focus on floor vent many years, if you have any problem on that, our engineer will do best to find solution for you. Dimensions, wood species, finishes, and other specifications can be customized according to customer's requirement, welcome OEM products.